Gaby Friedman is passionate about contemporary abstract art, illustration, photography, crafts, cooking and everything artsy. She enjoys utilizing acrylics, oils, watercolors and inks in her paintings and drawings. The relationship between nature and colors is important in her work, and she draws inspiration from the natural world. 

Gaby comes from a long line of widely known and recognized artists in her family. Like Daniel, Luis and Fidel Reyes. She grew up in Quito-Ecuador speaking Spanish and her personal motto is that each of us can make our world happier and her colorful and vivid work radiates this energy. 

Gaby attended the Pontificia Universidad del Ecuador, and received a Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering. She has previously held web developer and IT manager jobs within tech companies. Her career as an artist started when she became a mom of two cute little girls and decided to pursue her art career in her free time (while her two angels are asleep). 

Gaby's work has been featured in coffee shops in San Francisco where she used to live with her loving husband and two daughters. Currently they live in Milton, Georgia. 

For more information on Gaby's work or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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