While my angels take naps...

  1. Watercolor Easter Eggs

    Date 23 Mar 2016
    Easter is around the corner and today I’m sharing a quick Easter Egg decorating idea.  A fun way to create colorful and beautiful Easter Eggs is using watercolors. It is easy and you can achieve really cool effects.  To accomplish similar results you only need to follow a few simple steps.  1. I started with hard boiled eggs and a set…

  2. Celebrate the OLD, Bring on the NEW… .

    Date 02 Mar 2016
    I recently joined the Alpha Arts Guild and today I will have my first show with them. Please stop by Avalon and say hi. 

  3. 2016 Wedding Collection

    Date 24 Feb 2016
    Hello, Hello! I have been busy behind the scenes creating so many wonderful things for you. The 2016 Wedding Collection by Gaby Friedman just launched. I couldn’t’t be more excited! I have been dreaming about this new project for what seems like forever and I am thrilled to show it…

  4. Press: I was featured in the Milton Herald

    Date 22 Nov 2015
    Milton Herald, November 11, 2015 Milton Herald, November 11, 2015 Milton Herald, November 11, 2015

  5. Summary of my thoughts about the opening night of “Stop and Smell the Roses” art exhibition

    Date 03 Nov 2015
    I’m excited to share with everyone that my “Stop and Smell the Roses” art exhibition this past Thursday, Oct. 29th at PNC Bank was a huge success. The exhibition was so well received that the bank decided to leave it on display through November 6th. Please feel free to mention…

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